68 nail varnishes, 3 bin bags of clothes,  1 bag of shoes and still counting……

It’s that time of year again where I like to have a spring clean and clear out. I’ve got so much junk I’ve accumulated. I physically couldn’t get anymore in my wardrobes or drawers. I’ve ended up wearing the same stuff to work as I cannot see or find anything easily. I have far too many clothes I know!!So where do I start?.. I thought I would start  at the top of the house, in the loft and work my way down to the shed. I was on a mission. So I got started…

In the loft, ten, yes ten suitcases – all different sizes although not one really any good for a week or a few days holiday! I didn’t go away enough to warrant ten!

Then it was the Christmas decorations that I had gathered over the years. Hundreds of  different coloured themed baubles and 4 Christmas trees in a range of sizes and yet in the last 5 years I had always had a real one!  This was the moment I realised I had become quite a hoarder.

68 nail varnishes – how many does a girl really need? I cleared out all the dried up lumpy ones, the ones that were of the colour I was never going to wear. Or I had 4 of pretty much the same colour. I clearly hadn’t remembered I had them.

Then next came the bedroom drawers-  T shirts and clothes that I had saved for gardening, painting and washing the car. None of these activities I had done for about 10 years, so no idea why I was keeping them all. They went straight into the charity bag.

Makeup bag
I cleared out my make up bag. Stuff I didn’t need anymore or use ever and or had been in my bag for years , why I ever thought I would wear green eye shadow?! Or orange lipstick.

Then I moved to the downstairs

Medicine cupboard
So many out of date medicines and creams. It was like Boots in that cupboard. But half of it I hadn’t even used

IMG_3388 (1)

Kitchen cupboard
In this cupboard I find a selection.  Many things I didn’t need anymore, chipped non matching mugs, plus out of date packets of food and I obviously thought one day I would get round to making a cake as I had all the ingredients but just a year out of date!

The “not sure what it is, so ill put in here” drawer!
I was next onto the drawer where you stuff everything into, yep you know the one? Everyone has one. You aren’t quite sure where to put it or what it is so you stick it in that drawer. Just in case you need it! Old phone chargers ( you know the old clunky Nokia ones)  and other cables for who knows what, pieces of chalk, drawing pins, birthday candles,  pens that don’t work, blue tack,. I cleared the lot, if I didn’t know what it belonged to then it went.

Tupperware cupboard – how many pots do I really need? They were all scattered in there, every size you ever needed, with their lids everywhere and I could hardly close the door, so some order was needed. My ocd crept back in for those minutes.


Now it was time to gather all my stuff that was too good to chuck but wasn’t needed anymore. It was time for a car boot.IMG_3489

5 am start was tough but luckily it was busy and everyone wanting a bargain but it’s true what they say.. one persons junk is another persons treasure! I had to get rid so I was ruthless and charged a £1.00 or 50p for everything. By 11.30 I had got rid of most of the stuff. The rest I had left I was happy to give to charity and just get rid.


Few days later: I was now on a roll . Sorting clothes into piles. Stuff for charity, stuff for eBay and stuff for shop that sells second hand clothes.

Now with that done I’ve now moved onto paperwork..

Clearing out old papers, cards, invites. The things I have kept?? Do i really need these now?

Next up I need to dejunk my electronic filing. Contacts, emails, apps and photos.  It’s endless, but they do say when you start to de junk your house it’s a sign of sorting the rest of your life out.

So who knows what the summer will bring. But I’m feeling refreshed and ready!

Maybe it’s too early to tell but at least I can now find my blue dress when I want it and my black top. It’s no longer a mission at 6 am in the morning half asleep. I feel like a woman back  in control!