(Number 4/5)

I’m 40, single and was on Tinder but met Tinder Tom. So now as three weeks go past, the banter between Bond and MMP intensifies and becomes more frequent, and Tinder Tom (TT) AKA Bond, invites me and my invisible dog (Harley) to his place for the weekend. Now to start planning what I’m going to wear.

Excited was an understatement as I drove up the motorway North. Red bull at the ready, tunes on the playlist- I was ready. MMP was driving to her Bond.

Bond again surprised me with dinner cooked – yes he can cook aswell. Seriously is there nothing he can’t do? .That was another tick off the checklist.

We spent the evening chatting and Harley took to him, as he cuddled up – in between us on the sofa and made sure he was centre of attention. He made it known to TT that we come as a pair and that to get to his mummy he needed full on belly rubs!

IMG_1902 (1)

I was surprised how relaxed TT was as I knew he had loads of work to do as he owns his own business and had a trade show the following weekend. That was something I liked about him though.. he clearly knows what he wants and goes and gets it.

So next morning we got ready for our 8 mile walk.  Ok, so this is where you can’t wear your sexy heels, you need to dress appropriately but also dress to impress. Tricky. I’m hoping I can pull this off. TT said I scrubbed up well so im taking that as I had managed it.

Me and TT chatted, laughed, teased one another and stopped for the odd selfie along the way. I just remember thinking – how nice it was to be so open with someone and not have to think about things or any awkward moments. It all felt very relaxed. We were so similar on our outlook and values it was bonkers. Tinder swiping seemed a thing of the past for me as we walked the 4 miles back. That one small moment when I swiped right had paid off or so it seemed and I was happy.

The weekend goes past with a lot of eating, drinking, chatting and finding out our musical tastes. We take it in turns to choose our favourite tunes on Spotify and find we clearly both have a love of karaoke!

TT introduces me to Sonos and Spotify (#musicheaven) and a new band Birds of Tokyo. We chat, have coffee, TT makes breakfast. It’s all so relaxing and he hasn’t thought about work once! Had I tamed this workaholic – who knows?

As I set off on Sunday evening back to London I feel happy and relaxed.

Keeping it simple

Up until now we had fun, quirky dates but this week we had a date in TT’s work warehouse. He had to get ready for his trade show so we got down and dirty (not like that!), packing boxes of golf gear in boxes.

Did this put me off TT? No not at all. This was part of his life and he opened up and let me in. This is where he spent his hours working, being creative (yep another tick off the checklist). And to top it off he bought me dinner. Ok so it was fish and chips in paper over the boxes with a glass of red. But it was simple. Bond and MMP laughed and joked over the parcel tape and bubble wrap .   #datingheaven. That’s the thing – I can’t describe what it is and it doesn’t appear on a checklist but TT is a special person. I don’t let many people in but there was something different about him.

The quest for #scottish #ginger # love dogs had slowed down as I took a break from swiping. TT was ticking alot of the boxes.

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