(Number 3/5)

I’m 40, single and a Tinderette.  Just waiting for date two with Tinder Tom.

TT has his own business and splits his time between his home up North for weekends and office in London at weekdays. As we chatted I got an insight into his life. And I admit I quite liked it. We were similar. Both driven, both ambitious, both had that oomph, which had been lacking it my past relationships.

So after the first date TT called me on his drive home up North. His voice just made me melt and I admit I think I smiled the whole way through the conversation which I think was about 40 minutes! Yes a male talking on the phone for that long – that was unheard of surely?.

Again I went to bed and was very happy with my choice of swiping right and to be honest I’d put Tinder and swiping to the back of my mind.

The next day and after a few messages that were exchanged he asked when we would meet again? I really wanted to say now but remembered that you should play it cool, don’t rush in, don’t look keen. But inside I was so excited. The fluttering stomach reappeared. I was thinking oh next week sometime?

Bam…. TT says how about tonight? in his gorgeous “sean connery #makes me melt” accent. So before I knew it I was driving up the M25/M40 – TT had sorted a venue half way between us I’ve got to find something wrong with this guy soon as yet again he’d pulled it out the bag. I must admit I was slightly nervous but mostly excited. A spontaneous date in the middle of nowhere?! What could go wrong?

Nothing is the answer –We had a lovely evening chatting and finding out about each other. I got even more insight into this guy and I liked it. #scottish#ginger#lovedogs = #datingheaven!

Bond and Moneypenny

So as we gained momentum, cheeky banter on texts and phone calls we began to get pet names for one another – Bond and Miss Moneypenny (MMP). I loved it when he called me up and said the words “moneypenny” in that Scottish accent. It made me giddy.

It was my turn this time to pull it out the bag. Date night number 4. So where else? , but to see the latest Bond movie in nice big seats with drinks.

After the film we carried on drinking, chatting, getting to know one another more and more. In fact it was about 3am in the morning when we called it a night. Somehow I ended up back at his brothers with him.(memory loss due to drinking) and as I opened an eye in the morning I sheepishly looked around, trying to adjust and work out exactly where I was. I looked over and saw Bond asleep next to me. Clearly nothing happened, but we had a big day ahead of us.

Bond (TT) was coming as my plus 1 to my work colleagues wedding. I was so pleased I’d managed to fill my ‘plus one’ space. Bond was cool, dressed nice,smiley and I knew he would go down well and behave with my work colleagues.   But first I had to face the brother and get rid of those pesky woodpeckers in my head!

Not a first impression I had wanted to make. I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen and introduced myself. His brother gave me that look. You know the one? I knew what that meant. I just thought I’ve got to get through this bit, act normal and all will be ok. Hard when you feel like you want to throw up and dive back under the duvet for cover. Bond said I had gone down well – Phew… another tick and one family member met. Right now to get ready and try to function normally.

I was right, Bond was a hit with my work colleagues and we had a fun time at the wedding. Really easy and relaxed. I knew I could leave him and he would entertain the table. More drinkies, more chat. It was that exciting time in our relationship where you are discovering about one another. You know finding out likes, dislikes, what makes the other one tick.

We rounded the night off with a “dirty burger” at the station and I remember thinking this was a lucky swipe right, we have so much in common as I drift off with a smile on my face ;0)

The quest for #scottish #ginger # love dogs was still on but was TT the one to break it…who knows?


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