(Number 2/5)

So I am sitting here, still 40 years old and still single! Totally my choice, decided to not get married (that’s another blog!) but it was kind of scary.  With all my friends on baby number 2 or 3 or smug marrieds it was hard to go out and meet someone.

So I’ve now become a “Tinderette”. Yep I made the decision to join Tinder, why not give it a go I thought?! A few colleagues from work met their now long term partners on there and my other friend got engaged to her Tinder man so it does work – right?  So I joined..

There’s something therapeutic of swiping left and right – well mainly left with the occasional right. In fact, at first, it became a bit addictive and there was an air of excitement when a match popped up on my phone screen or a new message!

The Letter T in my phone started to fill up (as I filed Adam Tinder, David Tinder, Paul Tinder, Steve Tinder) as conversations moved on, off Tinder and onto whatsapp.

My diary became quite busy (I’m not one of those people that had loads of spare time anyway) but I had to make an effort and find slots for the potential suitors. As everyone kept on telling me it’s a numbers game. You need to sort through the weird ones to find the good!

I’ve realised there are three types of men on Tinder.

* No. 1: The ones who just want a quick bunk up and keen to send you, after message 3 the shots of their manhood.. Yep full on ? shot!! ,

* No. 2 : The serial online dater (who has tried every site going, in fact you recognise from that one you were on before) .  These people are sometimes nice but don’t leave you with the flutter in your tummy.  This type like to analyse how long you have been on said site and how it was working for you.

* No. 3: You have the virgin online dating people who have been in long term relationships for 10 plus years ( and say they are new to this and not good at this stuff)  They are in the same position as me now that their friends never went out and people actually talking to one another in pubs was a thing of the past… It’s more a London thing but is getting more common across the country.

I managed to go on dates with the last two types.They were nice people but as I sat there I was thinking I’ve got ironing to do or I’ve got to get back to slob out like Bridget Jones on my sofa, big pants included and a glass of wine!

So after having one day with all slots filled. Yep a breakfast, lunch and dinner date, I decided enough was enough.  I realised I was running myself ragged – up late swiping and carefully constructing messages. For what.. To waste a night with someone that I really didn’t have much in common with or want to be with. So I was going to come off Tinder but just one last look and swipe.

Along came Tinder Tom…..

Then along came Tinder Tom. Tom was different and his profile stood out. Surprisingly he had listed stuff about himself on his profile, Tom was ginger and was completely different from anyone I’d dated before.

He was what I would call a slow burner. Tom made the first connection with me. We had a few messages but I then went on holiday. Didn’t think much about it but when I got back Tom sent a message. ;0).  We had a few back and forth, Tom then went on holiday but we got a date in to meet up.  We spoke on the phone several times before the meeting. Tom was Scottish (swoon) and ginger! I was in #datingheaven.

It finally came to our first date. Nervous as hell but Tinder Tom pulled it out the bag. Our first date was going to see Jack Savaretti at the Roundhouse!

? Tinder Tom (TT) was better than his profile. He ticked all the boxes (the all important checklist) and it was fair to say I had that fluttery feeling and fancied the pants off Tinder Tom!

Our first date was drawing to a close and we were waiting in the cab queue TT found a small Lochness monster toy on the floor with a tartan hat and happy ness written on its tum.  It was a little dirty but as he passed it to me I thought this could be a sign!   TT gained another tick as he paid for my cab home.


Tinder Tom had definitely impressed. No kiss but we had talked all night and I felt totally at ease and comfortable with him.

So with the first date out of the way, it was now that awkward limbo bit where you wonder will they, won’t they text you, did they like me? , how long should you leave it to contact them? .  Hmm, beep beep, before I’d even stepped out the cab – TT had messaged me. Yay… I loved Tinder and went to bed with a cheeky smile on my face and little Nessie beside my bed! ;0)

Tinder had redeemed itself.. Finally I’d sifted through the dodgy ones to find a goodun! My number had come up

The quest for #scottish #ginger # love dogs was on..but for how long ..?


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