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Month: February 2016

#5: Time to ditch the Bridget pants?

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So I’m 40 years old, was on Tinder but I then met Tinder Tom (TT) and I have now been “seeing” him for 9 weeks. Hmm doesn’t actually sound long but we have been talking for more like 12 weeks!

Things have been going well. We have been out for dinners, drinks and TT even helped me choose my new TV, we have shopped in Curry’s together (very coupley) and I’ve cooked for him. Well I use that term loosely – I’ve tried to cook for him. And recently he carried my Christmas tree home for me. Tinder was a numbers game but my number had definitely come up.

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#4: Ticking the boxes in Darbs

(Number 4/5)

I’m 40, single and was on Tinder but met Tinder Tom. So now as three weeks go past, the banter between Bond and MMP intensifies and becomes more frequent, and Tinder Tom (TT) AKA Bond, invites me and my invisible dog (Harley) to his place for the weekend. Now to start planning what I’m going to wear.

Excited was an understatement as I drove up the motorway North. Red bull at the ready, tunes on the playlist- I was ready. MMP was driving to her Bond.

Bond again surprised me with dinner cooked – yes he can cook aswell. Seriously is there nothing he can’t do? .That was another tick off the checklist.

We spent the evening chatting and Harley took to him, as he cuddled up – in between us on the sofa and made sure he was centre of attention. He made it known to TT that we come as a pair and that to get to his mummy he needed full on belly rubs!

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#3: Lucky swipe right?..who knows?

(Number 3/5)

I’m 40, single and a Tinderette.  Just waiting for date two with Tinder Tom.

TT has his own business and splits his time between his home up North for weekends and office in London at weekdays. As we chatted I got an insight into his life. And I admit I quite liked it. We were similar. Both driven, both ambitious, both had that oomph, which had been lacking it my past relationships.

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#2: It’s a numbers game

(Number 2/5)

So I am sitting here, still 40 years old and still single! Totally my choice, decided to not get married (that’s another blog!) but it was kind of scary.  With all my friends on baby number 2 or 3 or smug marrieds it was hard to go out and meet someone.

So I’ve now become a “Tinderette”. Yep I made the decision to join Tinder, why not give it a go I thought?! A few colleagues from work met their now long term partners on there and my other friend got engaged to her Tinder man so it does work – right?  So I joined..

There’s something therapeutic of swiping left and right – well mainly left with the occasional right. In fact, at first, it became a bit addictive and there was an air of excitement when a match popped up on my phone screen or a new message!

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#1: Wanted #Scottish #Ginger #Love dogs

 (Number 1/5)

So I’ m 40 and find myself single, again! My choice and not one I’m too worried about as I know the decision to leave my previous relationship was for the right reasons.  But I feel like I’m disappointing my parents. They are dying for me to meet someone nice and settle down.  Mainly because my dad can then relax a bit and feel I’m being looked after by said husband! Or boyfriend! .   All my “smug married” friends look at me and say oh no not again, why can’t you find a nice bloke?

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